Life In Pictures

It has been a very busy week around here.  Working, cooking, cleaning, taking walks, and gardening.  This is our life this week, in pictures.

Old archway found on our walk. I thought it was beautiful and photo worthy.  

Old house spotted on our walk.

Ready for a walk

Let's go for a walk.  You pull, mom.  

A small creek near our house

Neat little bit of nature I found on a walk.  These plants were growing inside of an old glass bottle. 

I will never get those shoes clean! 

Who needs bubbles when you have MUD?!?!


Giving our porch a much needed face lift

Muddy hands

Boy 3 enjoying some mud.  

Mud! On a stick! 

Working on the porch rail

To sunburst the rails or not? 

Helping Daddy

Mud stompin' 

Boy 3 in the garden

Boy 2 in the garden

Boy 3 running in the rain

Playing in the rain?  YES! 

Girl looking very sassy.  Love her new glasses! 

Boy 2 weeding the garden

Ducky umbrella

This large bird set himself atop the dead tree as soon as it started raining.   He stayed this way for about 5 minutes.  

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